What’s the difference? Sensual Massage vs. Tantra

If you choose to book a 90 minute sensual massage, please know that there are some fundamental differences that distinguish it from a Tantra session. Your sensual massage will not be a shorter version of a Tantra session.

                                                           TANTRA             MASSAGE

Concentrated Muscle Work                 minimal                   Yes

Loving, conscious full body touch         Yes                       Yes

Shower                                                  Yes                       Yes

Coaching w/ ED / PE                             Yes                     minimal

Sensate Focus touch                              Yes                        —

Prostate Massage                                   Yes                       —

Nude Body to Body Contact                    Yes                       —

Intimacy Training / Coaching                 Yes                       —


My Tantra sessions are designed to very effectively empower you in being closer and more intimate with a real sexual partner. In your 3h Intro to Tantra session, you’ll leave with tools and practices that you can use immediately with your lover.


I am so happy that I lucked across her ad a few weeks ago… Her service was absolutely great and a very sensual and healing experience. I would repeat! Summer is a unique type of provider. She is a professional, skilled, warm, friendly, and empathetic healer. Her service is far grander than just FBSM – as a matter of fact, it’s not FBSM at all. She provides a high quality massage, psycho-therapy, erectile coaching, relationship advice and an intimate, sensual tantra service…  Summer can show you some things about yourself that can benefit you in the long run, far beyond the moment of this session…” BROTHER8 from The Erotic Review

While it would be lovely to be able to lead you to a full, inner body orgasmic experience in both sessions, a sensual massage is not designed to effectively facilitate that.  Occasionally it does happen, but it takes a special kind of client for that to happen. In both sessions, physical release is welcomed, though not the primary focus.

My FAQ and ground rules apply to both sessions, as well as my commitment to honor and value you as man. I expect the same respect & authenticity from the men and women I work with. 

Please read my ideal client page, and what sets me apart from other providers if you are unclear about what type of clients are best suited for working with me. If you do not see yourself on that page, you should not book an appointment with me.

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