Your Massage Session


As you enter my space, you will experience the scent of temple incense. My music will be low and soothing. I’ll greet you with a warm hug, and then guide to the bathroom where you can wash up and leave your donation.

We’ll begin by sitting on my lambswool rug and chatting for a few minutes. This will hopefully ease any possible tension and allow us to get to know one another a bit. I’ll ask you to share about anything you’re dealing with in your body that I should be aware of. Next, we’ll go over my the pertinent ground rules from my FAQ.


Finally, I’ll guide you to my professional massage table, and ask you to disrobe while I wash my hands and pin back my hair.

After you lie on my table, face down & nude, I will begin with some light Reiki down your body, from head to toe, beginning a process of deep relaxation. Reiki is an ancient, Japanese healing art that I am certified to practice.

I’ll start at your neck and shoulders since they are the main area where you hold most of your tension. I’ve studied Thai Yoga massage, and my hands are strong yet very intuitive. You will be a mushy puddle of relaxation!

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Using coconut oil, I will work every muscle in your body, gently and with Love, paying special attention to your back, buttocks and perineum. As you relax and possibly become aroused, I will encourage you to breathe, allowing the sexual and life-force energy you’re experiencing to expand beyond just your genitals into your entire body.

Often times we clamp down on our breath as pelvises during sexual arousal. This actually limits our experience of pleasure. I will work with you to experience a full-body ecstatic experience, beyond common genital release.

About half way through our time together, I will ask you to turn onto your back.

While you are welcome to experience genital release during your session,
that is not the primary focus of any authentic Sensual / Tantric Massage.

images (2)I will be focused on bringing you into a blissful experience that includes your entire body. You’ll learn to stay present in your own skin during arousal. Instead of checking out, you’ll experience what it feels like to be connected to yourself and your body during sensual pleasure. Your session will not rely on fantasy or disconnected sexual titillation.

If you’re looking for a purely physical encounter where the goal is simply to get you off, no matter what, using any and all means possible, I’m not the provider for you.

Please read my Ground Rules,
and What sets me apart from other Providers, before you book a session.

2 thoughts on “Your Massage Session”

  1. Hello
    I am a 68 yr. old gentleman, physically fit, medium build, & weight. But, as you might suspect, I’m not in shape to experience the hi physical passions or emotional highs of the 30 yr. old. I guess I’m trying to say, I might need a gentler touch.
    Do you think this session would be for me?
    Thank you, Alan

  2. Hi Alan,

    My bodywork sessions aren’t focused on release or any end goal. You are welcome here.

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