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M y      S a c r e d       O f f e r i n g s

602680_425016134238507_1695884572_nSENSUAL MASSAGE
375 / 90 min

~Esalen-styled muscle work
~Warm coconut oil & aromatherapy
~Full-body appreciation and energization
~Relaxing your fixation w performance
~Emotional & physical release welcomed
~Prostate healing in Tantra sessions only

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or work in public service,
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2hr/498:     Taste of Tantra
3hr/698:     Introduction to Tantra
7hr/1530:   3 session Intro Package

9hr/1530:   3 session Intro to Tantra
~One, 2hr session with each person, and one, 3 hour session with both partners.

Unclear about the difference
between a Massage & Tantra session?


2hr Taste of Tantra: 498  
~Full body, tantalizing Tantric touch & reiki bodywork
~Body to Body Chakra Connection
~Sacred Spot (prostate healing) available
~Relaxing your fixation with performance
~Emotional & physical release welcomed

3hr Introduction to Tantra: 698
Includes everything in the “Taste of Tantra” plus:
~Practical intimacy training for use with your partner
~Tantric practices for everyday life
~Keys to having your woman CRAVE your sexual energy

7h, 3 session, introductory package: 1530
Includes one, 3h Introduction to Tantra session
and Two, 2hr Tantra sessions.
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Couple’s Introduction to Tantra: 1530: 8h, 3 sessions
These session are designed to dissolve barriers between you and your partner, and teach you to connect with each other from a Tantric Context. I will work with you each individually for 2 hours each, then together as a couple in our final 3 hour session.

30m pre-session consultation / 50
1hr coaching /150
1.5h coaching / 198
90m, 4 session package: 10% off

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