My Ideal Client


Who is NOT my ideal client?

  • My sessions are not  appropriate for people seeking “sexual entertainment.”


  • My sessions are not appropriate for those who’s primary desire is to touch a naked body.
  • My sessions are not  appropriate for men whose main interest in working with me is stress relief through genital release.
  • My sessions are not  appropriate for people who are acting out sexual addiction.
  • My sessions are not  appropriate for people who are unwilling to share themselves during the application process.

Who IS my Ideal Client?

  • People who want to receive genuine, nurturing attention and care.
  • Men who are dealing with (ED) Erectile Dysfunction or (PE)  Premature Ejaculation.
  •  Strobist: 580EXII, bare from above subjetPeople who are interested in creating  more closeness  and intimacy with their lovers or spouses
  • People who suspect that there’s more  to sex and intimacy than they were taught
  • People who are willing to be vulnerable and open in their application process.
  • People who are recovering from Sexual Addiction
  • People who are ready to learn to connect their genitals with their heart
  • People who are experiencing pain or loneliness from divorce, death, abuse or simply: Life in general.

I had no idea what you would do for me, but I am amazed at the power of the love I experienced. Thank you deeply! I have wanted to feel that for so long. I live in a barren waste land of emotion most of the time, and I feel like you have shown me the “emerald city” for the very first time. It is remarkable, and has moved to tears as I try to write this. I can’t really describe the gratitude I have for the experience you gave me.” Henry M.

You may find yourself in just one, or even ALL of the statements above. However you are is fine.  In my space, there is no “right way” you need to be. You are welcome here.  Please see the pages below
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