Ground Rules & FAQ


Q: Can I Touch You?

A: Yes and No.  Yes, you may touch me, but not in an assumptive, aggressive or sexual manner.

Touching me because you want to feel emotionally connected is fine, but if your attention shifts to trying to arouse me, it will feel disingenuous because we’ve not established a basis for that kind of intimacy. My being open to a man, personally and sensually, is a tremendous gift, and offered only when I feel safe and intimately connected to someone. Please do not assume a relatedness that hasn’t been created yet.

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Mutual Touch policy


Q: What will you wear in my session?

A: I typically wear something simple and light during your session so that I have freedom to move. I always prefer to have less clothing on, but my level of undress depends on how safe I feel with you.

Q: Do you offer any services not listed here?

A: I offer advanced Tantric relationship training to those who have experienced my 3hr Intro to Tantra session, and are committed to deepening their experience and practice.


Q: How Should I Arrive for my Session?

  • Freshly showered, all over, especially if you are including prostate work in your session. Please make sure to wash your genitals, anus and anywhere that sweat accumulates.
  • Come with fresh breath. This especially important if you’ve recently smoked nicotine, had coffee or soda or eaten any food.
  • Be free of any intoxicants, including high doses of caffeine or alcohol.


Q: How should I handle my donation?

A: Please bring your donation in cash. After you arrive, excuse yourself to the bathroom, and leave the donation there. Please come prepared, and do not bring it up in the session.

I hold sessions with 30% deposit. If you choose not to make a deposit, I will not be able to protect your requested time. If someone else requests that same time slot, and offers a deposit, I will give you the first opportunity to put one down yourself and lock in your time.

If you are booking a session anywhere but Atlanta, a deposit is required, along with a small travel fee.

Your deposit will include PayPal’s  3.9% processing fee. Your credit card statement will show “****consulting.” Neither my business name nor my Paypal email are searchable online.

Q: Do you expect tips?

A: In most cases, I don’t expect additional renumeration, but it’s humbly appreciated when I spend extra time that was not part of the session you booked. When I extend your session, coaching you on your marriage or working with your body, it feels good to have the courtesy extended with an additional donation.


Q: What’s happens if I need to reschedule my appointment, or if I change my mind?

A: Your deposit is non-refundable, though it can be transferred to a future session within 6 months. DO NOT pay your deposit if you are unsure about your commitment to work with me. Completing your deposit communicates that you have read and agree to all of the ground rules listed here. 

If you cancel (or ask to reschedule) your appointment inside of 24 hours from when your appointment begins, your entire donation balance will be due immediately via PayPal. Your deposit will not transfer to another session, and the balance of your cancelled appointment will be due immediately.

If you do not reply to my confirmation emails or texts within 24 hours before your session, this is considered a cancellation, and an additional deposit will be required to reschedule your appointment.

I frequently have more requests than I can manage, and I never double book. With that said, it has an impact when you don’t make your appointment due to an unexpected business meeting or emergency. I ask that you respect my time as much as I respect yours.


Q: What happens if YOU cancel our appointment?

A: If I make a mistake, and need to reschedule our appointment within 24 hours of it’s start time, I will refund your deposit or transfer it to another session. If we reschedule your appointment, I will also extend your session by 30 minutes in appreciation for your patience.

If at any time I feel unsafe or concerned about your agenda (that you’re not looking for the service I offer), I reserve the right to end all communication and cancel any open appointments. This is not a typical business arrangement. Given the nature and vulnerability of our time together, different standards apply. If I cancel our session because I feel unsafe or concerned, I will not refund your deposit.

Some behaviors that could elicit this response are:

  • Choosing not to engage in a vulnerable and open manner with your answers. When you completed your initial intake form, you agreed that you would do this as part of your process.
  • Using sexually explicit language or requesting sexual services
  • Continually asking questions already answered on my website or already addressed in our digital communications
  • Ignoring requests or instructions that I’ve been very clear about.
  • Engaging with me in a manner that leaves me concerned that you are expecting Sexual Entertainment


Q: May I write an online review after our session?

A: I prefer no reviews unless they are very respectful, addressing only your personal experience, and what you learned. Please respect my privacy as well the sacred nature of your experience by honoring our time together when you speak about it.


More About Mutual Touch…..

The most valuable thing you can do when we’re together is to let go and relax… allow your body to respond to my touch. Be present in your body and receive the nurturance, attention and energy I will be offering you. Keep the focus on yourself. This is YOUR time to receive, not to please me.

Consider that when you want to “please me,’ it’s not really about me at all. It’s about you wanting control. Allow yourself to let all of that go while you’re with me. If I have a concern about your needing to take control, you will not get all my attention and care. If you need to be in the driver’s seat, and desire a reciprocal experience (with full on, mutual touching), you will not be satisfied by a session with me.

There are plenty of therapists who offer that service, and many at a lower rate. I’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding someone who can give you the experience that you desire. This is not the service that I am offering